• maliyevet 6w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

    I just wonder about people who secretly follows negativity and coat them with the personality of being positive.
    When you come across them they will give you such mean comments in their hollow shell of head ( coz you know they are free of brains ) , and slightly that minus mentality reach upto their wicked arc of smile and that's how they already look CREEPY.
    BUT even after such performance they won't let you know, for what they have just judged you about ! And how they insulted you secretly ! But moreover they'll praise you on the things you already got by God!
    And there I feel like, Really !!!???
    "Are you that coward? "
    " Jab soch sakte ho , to bol nhi sakte? "
    " All non- speakers can think , but not all non - thinkers can be speak worthy"

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    Why did you sorry AFTER doing , when you weren't BEFORE?