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    Chapter 2: the vacation
    When we reached the penthouse house, it was dark outside..having slept through most of our journey,i have no idea where we were..we were greeted by an old man and a woman..the woman showed me my room and asked me if i need anything..i was starving and i asked her for some snaks if its bot a problem for her

    I took a good look at the room while she went down stairs..it was a cute but simple room with a princess bed and cream coloured window curtains...there was a cute chair and a table on one corner and a closet on the other side..

    When i was immersed in thoughts, i heard a knock on the door..i was greeted by uncle with someone in his fifties..

    The stranger greeted me with a smile.."hi helen,i am John..i just thought to say hi"

    "Hi sir"..i greeted back

    "Oh please call me jo"he said..

    I smiled at his warm nature

    "You must be tired ..Linda will bring you something to eat..take rest and we will see you tomorrow.." james said and looked at uncle

    "Yup..then see you tomorrow..call me if you need anything.."uncle said and hugged me

    "Good night uncle and good night jo"..i wished them when they turned to leave..

    John smiled and wished me back


    Yesterday,i slept very well inspite of my new environments..i guess i was super tired..

    I changed my night dress and wore a simple blouse and a floral skirt, pulled my hair in to a simple ponytail,put on my sneakers and headed downstairs..

    Everyone was sitting around the dining table and having breakfast..Jo noticed me lingering at the foot of the stairs and immediately called out me..i walked towards the dining table and sat next to my uncle and then i saw him for my first time..

    Jo made my introduction.."Boys,this is Helen and Helen this is Michel and he is  Martin..say hi boys"

    I looked up to Michel..God..he has blue eyes and thick eyebrows..he glanced to my side and quickly looked away..just then i heard a childish voice..

    "hi helen.." Martin greeted me..i smiled at him..he also has that blue eyes..i gues the boys inherited it from their mother

    The sudden silence in the Breakfast table had broken by Michel..he asked
    "So dad,what's todays plan..?"his voice was filled with so much disinterest and i wonder why..

    "We will go to the river side for fishing and sight seeing"..jo informed enthusiastically

    "Can i get to row a boat?" Martin asked in an excited voice

    "No..you wont.." Michel stated blankly..
    Martin pouted his lips and returned to eat..

    After eating , we get in to Jo's car with uncle sitting on the front and me,Michel and Martin on the back and  we headed to the riverside

    The riverside villa was at one and a half hour journey from the penthouse..When we reached there, i cant believe my eyes..it was such a beautiful place..

    we got down from the car..jo and uncle went to fishing on their own..and i was stuck with Michel and Martin..Michel fished out his phone from pocket and walked to the other side still keeping a line of sight with us and started talking through the phone..

    i tried to start a conversation with Martin.."So Martin..do you really like to row a boat?"

    "Yes..i want to try it..but Mike never allowed me" ..He complained

    "You know it is not so easy as you think ..and its even hard to turn the boat all once you are in the wrong direction" i said

    "Have you tried to row a boat?" He asked curiously..

    "Yes, once and my father had to get down on water and pushed my boat to get me to the bank.." i smiled bitterly at my memory

    "Oh.. That's funny.. Why didn't they come with you.. We all would have fun..." He asked again smilingly

    "He.."i was suddenly at a loss of words.."they..they are no more Martin.."

    Martin's smile froze and he suddenly became silen... he moved close to me and i smiled at him..

    "You know my friends and family calls me Marty..i like that name more.." He said smiling back

    "So we are friends hua? Martyyy..." I tied to change the atmosphere and he smiled beamingly showing his full  teeth...

    We really become friends during the trip..we roamed around quite a sometime..marty talked a lot about his friends,school,his home,his pet dog charlie,abiut Jo,and ofcourse Michel and i get to know that inspite of the age difference Marty and Michel loved each other..he is more like a father figure than an old brother..

    we tried to catch some fish together but not a single fish reched out for our bait..

    Just then Marty dragged Michel over and dont know how he caught a fish within five minutes..i looked at him with my wide amused eyes and he looked back at me..he then tried again..this time he caught a huge fish, much bigger than the first one..Marty jumped up and down with happiness and i was also happy...partially by seeing the fish and partially by seeing the happiness of Marty..

    We had a delicoius luch at the villa served with variety of dishes with fish and i ate quite a lot..i don't remember when i ate this much of food in the past..

    in the afternoon we played cards..Marty formed a team with me  and the others played on their own..we were really pathetic that we were  never ever was near a  win..

    In the evening, we had a campfire set up and most of the time uncle and jo embarresed each other with their stories and we laugh with our ass off..Marty played guitar and Michel and i turned down the song request..i dont like to sing in front of others coz it will bring so much of memories of my parents..

    After dinner,it was quite late when we headed back to the penthouse and i was super tired..like in  the morning, we three sat in the back seat while uncle and Jo sat in the front..

    in the beginning,Marty sat in the middle but after sometime he demands to sit near window and pushed Michel to the middle..he totally ignored me like i am invisible and i tried to do the same..

    Jo turned on the music and soothing melody filled our car..dont knw when i drifted to sleep and when i regained my consciousness,i was leaning on something warm..

    i tried to inhale the  sweet smell which is strange to my nostrils and find it oddly soothing..i opened my eyes and saw the close up version of Marty's sleeping face..and the truth hit me like a lightning..i leaned on Michle's shoulder and slept like his little brother..

    i sat straight in the next second and Michel was startled by my sudden movement..he looked in to my face alarmingly and i looked straight in to his eyes..blood rushed to my face and i blushed insanely..i turned my face away to hide my blushing face and also suddenly  i dont have any courage to look in to his face...

    What is happening to me..why everything become so hot all of a sudden..i wondered looking at my hands which i clutched hard together..

    Ps: Helen's room pic is given below

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    In the blissfull love
    Chapter 2