• bkwrites21 35w

    LOVE: a word we all know.
    Where it comes from? we dont know,
    Love, not only a word, bit an emotion which we all use it in our daily life, or may be weekly or occasionally.But what's the actual meaning of love? No one knows. Right ?
    But wait, The actual meaning of love is
    May be it's only a word, but it is the reason of your everything.The First person to love you.The person who make you understand what love is.Words are not enough for her.
    But she is the only one who will love you even if you hate or dislike her.She is the only one who will sacrifice her entire life even if you don't care about her efforts.
    All i can say is,
    A Mother cannot be replaced by anyone.
    This Mother's day don't share love only with your Mother But share love with those aged womens, those mothers who had sacrificed their everything but got nothing. Those mothers who are still waiting & praying for their children's in old age homes.