• rabbit_coffee 9w

    Wonderful day(22/12/20)

    Its been around years we are travelling via same train where ever we go,
    Its a pleasuring feeling that some one is behind us in every junction of ur life,
    The journey we travelled throughout the year taught us many things in life,
    But even thought some tend to break our journey but we our self became strong and we over came it by our self ,Living our life hapily ,
    Where people was gossiping about us but we remain sturbon to lead our future together,
    Some how we managed every thing in our life ,
    Isn't it we should rather call it wonderful day,
    God has always been around us protecting us always when we are suffering with tears and pain,He has owned us truely and like wise we should also owned him truely,
    And we two spended our moments together,
    Made it beautiful and memoriable,
    You gave me happiness and joy in my life,
    Some time you gave tears which broke me inside but that tears taught me , never let down your self coz in life we should taste bitter,sour and sweetness together and some time we need sacrife also at the some point of our life ,
    But my heart is always fluttered towards your heart and it always do so and ramain same for you always,
    You are always by my side and i feel safe when you are with me as you have always protected me,So just i want to thank lord for allowing you to enter in my life for everlasting and thankyou lord for this wonderful gift you handed over to me..❣