• timothyvs 9w

    Black Seed

    Black Seed,
    Darkness surrounds you,
    Lingering within the ground your placed,
    With no air to breathe,
    You are suffocating,
    Oh Black Seed.
    Bashing the ground beneath the stairs,
    Your voice trembles, with the tears your
    trying to hold back.
    Earthquakes rumbling all over the earth,
    People asking themselves as to what's
    happening, but they don't see that it's you
    Black Seed.
    The blackness of your heart doesn't
    emulate the kindness of your face,
    Your misplaced like a misfit, in this
    Entangled vessel we call earth.
    Death is eminent we just don't know it yet,
    Bit by bit you try, daily, not to let the
    earth swallow you whole, oh black seed,
    Be with the one that has inhabited you,
    Smile as the world sees you jubilant,
    Be the one that brings peace,
    like a soothing wind,
    to the earth,
    While causing great wave like earthquakes,
    As you rise up, oh black seed,
    To your throne in the