• poetic_parade 6w


    No one knows you
    or tries to
    I make sure I know you
    and try to

    You make efforts for everyone
    and what do they do in return?
    Well, the story goes like this
    I love him but don't know 'bout his

    I stand up, raise my voice for her
    For I know all one needs is faith and trust
    I stand up, take a step ahead
    but what I get is just a messed up head

    They say I'm crazy, I'm mad and so much more
    But do they ever think who made me so?
    Well, they know they're the best, no doubt
    And I know I'm there when they can't reach out.

    #selfhelp #motivation #independent
    #life #live #us #world #ourworld #we

    This poem is not just about someone or something.It tries to incorporate every realtion of our life including friends, family, lovers and everyone we know and try our best to help them. Sometimes we end being "the bad one" instead of giving our truest self. Lets not stop being good to others for some didn't have enough sense to know the real us but make sure we are there for every fella who needs us!

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