• frommetofum 10w

    I'm in my mid of 20's,
    taking a tiny step into the big world.
    Not too young ,not too old.
    Not so childlike, not so mature.
    My inner self is still 15,
    Wondering and wandering
    in a state Of dilemma,
    Laughing ,crying like a daily drama.
    A thousand questions haunts
    my mind ,annoying my pals
    During the fun time.
    I'm a melange of lazy and messy,
    Funny and bit of angry.
    Sometimes glum and also peppy.
    There is still a 5 year old
    In me, watching the cartoon,
    And dancing to the tune.
    Im still a princess to my
    King and queen, protecting
    our kingdom will be my
    prime dream.