• alisdaire_ocaoimph 10w

    He walks

    How simple the mind
    That plays between reality
    And the havens of madness
    Directs itself upon the conciouness of man
    And lays therein caught between the reality
    Of their being.

    I watch him walk around the courtyard
    In dire argument with himself
    Deliberating between the good God
    And that devil that here racks his soul
    Ive seen the tears pour down
    From eyes so crystal blue
    Upon the scruffy haired face
    That wore the many years of tormented pain
    And here in dirty clothes mingled
    To the scent of urine and body sweat.
    I peer in the longing to know
    What demons arched upon his back
    To wear a man into absolute nothing
    We talked, laughed at his humour
    But always between us there was
    In the air the feeling of a third party
    And he would converse his way
    Between he and I and it
    His demon bore him hard
    And his God hovered somewhere inbetween.

    Alisdaire O'Caoimph