• fletch 6w

    With thriving ivory I'm dreaming of Angel's on the moon

    Please dont wake me from my slumber for they sing a heavenly tune

    I'm only human but in their gracious they color me a search light soul

    To weave my frail spirit is the purity of their goal

    And to remind me that life can truly be exactly what the heart wish to receive

    That with them I can believe in triumph over valleys that are just meant to deceive

    And maybe instead of mind over matter I just need heart over fear

    Cause fighting all my life I can't fathom how I'm still standing here

    A fortunate son I count my credence of luck's survival

    For without these Angel's of mercy there is no soul revival

    Don't tell me if I'm dying because I dont want to know

    But the light is so glorious shining like white snow on a plateau

    And if this is to be my final frontier

    I can take solace that I lived it all clear and sincere

    With every word another puncture to sorrows grief

    While rising above the ashes coming out with flames of belief

    Where I finally laid my burdens to rest letting the heart take shape on its truth quest

    As angelic visionaries whisper to my innocence with a holy request

    To overcome the self inflicted shackles that were bound to my sin

    As I faced off going toe to toe with the
    enemy within

    Where all with a serenade I flip my curse into reverse with the souls most free verse

    While immersing myself into an
    angellically woven traverse