• onasisto 6w

    Retro Bleu

    From the mountain of boredom I descended
    Carrying memes written in stone
    My weary heart was inflated
    With memories of you I couldn't leave alone
    I tried my best to create some new
    But all these girls just ain't you
    I knew I'd never be the same
    The day I chose to snuff our flame
    With no light to see,
    I was lost at sea
    The day I bade you farewell thee
    I often wondered what you saw in me
    Why you chose to be my ride or die
    There were questions I never tried to ask
    Emotions that I always masked
    The 80s hits we liked to hear
    When we kissed each other to calm our fears
    When I pledged to give you the remaining 80 years
    Before 808s became heartbreaks and tears
    I held your hand
    We braced earthquakes in sinking sands
    Lost in space, we never tried to land
    But I had to live up to my brand
    Fuckboys know no love
    So I had to let you go
    And now I'm at 9gag scrolling through words
    With teardrops falling on pictures of us from today last year