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    I want to thank whome indeed i need to thank for there writes! Lady guys thanks every like i get is because of your words the fill the empty spaces on my post.. .. Always so gratefull����

    "��Do wat you can, with what you have.,
    were ever you art at��.

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    Saddened soul with
    of your right hand tightly collaped in my left My soul will always remain in the constant state of suspension deep within the abbeys of darkness!!!

    "Fighting the pass"
    Fighting with old memories
    driving me insane
    logging for new glories
    keep me calm and sane
    selling like the mightiest
    sailor of the tides
    glooming like the lightest feather
    of the Glide
    Smiling & living giving not
    expecting clapping and swinging
    alive in the hopes of falling once again.
    The sky cried,
    and the mountains giggle.

    Want to stay positive start with your username and profile photo change it to something positive I know it sounds silly??? But these small changes bring huge outcomes.

    Embrace your fear
    the u innermost urge to shed a tear comes from the depths of fear,, but I am not afraid not anymore as within my heart I am quite sure what I have finally learned to embrace me my fear I now clearly understand how to persevere.

    here's a thing~~
    Wake up early tomorrow
    Watch sunrise youll feel good

    L= Life
    I = Isn't
    F= Fuckin
    E= Easy

    When eyes confronted the reality these innocent smile turn into the painful one.

    Only you can prevent Forrest fires
    ⬅?can you answer who? Pick your answer.
    A. Madonna
    B. Teddy Roosevelt
    C. Smokey the bear
    D. teddy rockspin

    ✍ dilse common ij moment's sunday Monday changed talk. (Special guess

    and Occasionally a educational&friendship THOUGHT 'fact ..quote!...

    There's no comparison between Moon and Sun they have their own time and shine

    Text your crush and you will found
    out that Newton's third law of
    motion doesn't apply everytime