• sen_gibson 5w


    Should in case the protest turn red
    And people die of bloodshed will you cry?
    When you sit at home and argue who is wrong or right
    After your brother's are out there fighting for peace
    Did you try?

    I see it coming really fast
    I'm no prophet but I see it clear through eagle eyes,
    Everyone is now a judge and we are not sure why we price
    The amount of peace deliberated like common man wanting beans/rice
    Then, did you try?

    It is coming really fast
    Like a train honking to scare a deft and blind man
    Will he feel something rushing?

    This isn't the time for us to take sides,
    Not the time to point fingers on each other
    Else we within ourselves we start a war.
    I'm sorry I used that word but I see it coming.