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    ------- FORLORN LOVE -------

    After all the attempts forlorn
    To live like everyone around
    To love like them. For me it was,
    Like being in the world of unicorn
    "I love my tranquility." I said
    The place where I can grow
    Daydream constantly in a row
    No one will intrude like a crow
    In this house of a little sparrow.

    Till now I was all carefree, cool and calm
    I never had that shiver in my palms
    But the moment next ranged this alarm
    Ohh! You butterflies, can't you keep calm?
    Wait what! What's happening to me
    I was never like this, what made me flee
    I just rubbed my eyes, you were on your knee
    Up there, the girl on cloud nine, yes! It was me

    It's beautiful to have someone beside
    Who will always stand by your side
    Isn't it!?
    Now my dreams have wings
    Ambitions begin to swing
    You twirling me in these rings
    Connecting all the strings!!

    The things earlier I didn't found cool
    Now I'm floating into it like a whirlpool
    Now you are an addiction, like in the fictions
    Dreaming about you I feel like an emotional fool!
    I wasn't from this hopeless romantic crew
    But didn't realised, when did all these grow
    All those theories on love coming true
    I Never thought my wish would ever come true
    Loosing my forlorn love, all I found is YOU!

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    Poem: 32
    June 30, 2020

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    Forlorn Love!