• izaac_segun 5w


    I hear voices in my head.
    Not the kind of Voices your thinking right now whenever someone makes a statement like that. No
    These voices aren't suggestive or commanding, No
    These voices are forever Singing the chorus of endless interrogation.
    Questions rain from the sky.
    My life isn't governed by rules or codes or laws, No
    My life is governed by questions, my actions are motivated by the need to give answers to this damn questions.
    Everyday it's these fucking questions again, when i wake up, go to sleep, eat, walk, shit, read...it's always there.
    "When you gonna finish school"
    " when are you gonna get married"
    "When are you gonna build a house, buy a car, build a fucking spaceship"
    Always with these questions. They come not from our enemies but our friends, family, "well wishers "
    They may mean well, but they put the weight of the world on our young shoulders when they choose to interrogate us in this manner.
    The worst kind of question is the one you ask yourself when you measure your shortcomings by other's success.
    That kind can make you move mountains just have a moment of silence.