• dhigvijay 6w

    And it all comes to a full circle.

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    Baited Breath

    We were all waiting with baited breath,
    Desperately trying to cross the sea of uncertainty,
    With a head full of dreams
    And a heart full of hope...

    But somehow,
    We got lost in all that madness,
    Only to be enraptured by slightest hint of beauty,
    Finding it in everyday things,
    And in turn longing for it ,
    from extraordinary beings.

    Then the days became months,
    And those months became years.

    And then,
    we were all waiting with baited breath..
    Surrounded by others who were also anxious.
    Desperately trying to hold on..
    Crossing into the sea of eternity,
    Into the light.
    With a head full of memories,
    a heart full of peace.
    And a life well lived.