• roviso 21w

    A Good Samaritan Girl

    The clock kept ticking eight pass ten,
    The sun shone right above my head,
    The heartbeat kept beating at rapid rate as the workload couldn't be minimised single handedly. It was then a generous girl came to my rescue.

    The morning breeze brought brief respite as perspiration kept oozing from all parts of my body. The soft melodies chirping of the birds which in ordinary days steals my attention were a mere cacophony as the duty kept pressing on me.

    I was staggering under the heavy load of a table when a lady came to my help. She was a stranger but her action was a strength to my suffering soul. A help that deeply touched me. She is no doubt a good samaritan girl.

    The agonising me became indebted with gratitude to the maiden as her charity touched my heart. Her humanistic character was an icing of cake to God's given beauty which she posses. Virtue with beauty defines her.

    An act of help can have ripples of effects. An extra mile we've taken can create memories which last. A morsel of bread is a luxury to a beggar. So too an iota of help given to a person in need is worth more than anything. She is a good samaritan girl. Who is she?