• rachana_prabhat 5w

    I know, I've been you.
    The you that cries in the corner of the room lighting a cigarette but have no reason for it.
    The you that is scared to talk to someone cause they might judge you.
    The you that cannot fall in love,
    The you that holds a pen too tight cause you can't let it fall.
    I know you might break down any moment now and you know what, it is ok!
    Let's talk about it.
    Let's talk about how heavy your shoulders feel cause there's too much that you're carrying.
    Let's talk about how heavy the heart is cause no amount of tears shed can help you smile.
    Let's talk and talk and talk until you feel better, until the smile just comes naturally.
    It's ok to not be ok!
    It's not ok to be alone in times like this.
    So let's talk.
    Cause not long ago, I was you!
    You've come a long way and there's a long way to go.
    But in the end, it'll all be worth it.
    So let's talk!