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    (Read till the end: plot twist ��)

    Today I woke up to something which wrecked my mind up to its core. I had raised one particular issue to some people in past. Not just once, I informed and requested them to work on it several times. It didn't seem to be a big deal for them but it was for me. Since the issue was something that has to be done using their common sense, I didn't know how many times I should have pointed it out. So after a while, I changed myself and started ignoring it. When it used to come to those set of people, I started behaving like them to them. And whoa, today they pointed the same issue to me! I really wanted to laugh at that moment. I realised once again that people don't understand things till it happens to them.

    I don't understand how much does it costs to be a bit considerate of others!

    May be it was wrong to become a person like them to show them how it feels.

    May be someone else has to be the same to me to understand my flaws!

    May be something that seems to be common sense to you, is not for others. And vice versa.

    May that's how we are wired to understand things.

    Maybe that's what it's like to be a human.

    May be!

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    They won't
    it happens
    to them.