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    Can you feel where the wind is,
    Can you feel it through,  
    All of the windows,
    Inside this room.

    Coz I wanna touch you baby,
    I wanna feel it too,
    I wanna see the sunrise,
    On your sins, just me and you.

    Coz you'll never be alone,
    I'll be with you from dusk till dawn.
    I'll be with you from dusk till dawn.
    -Zyan and Sia.



    A beautiful collab with Eshita.❤


    Yes love, it was you,
    Who wanted to go out that night,
    That night moon was holding
    something special, a full moon night.
    You wanted me to hold your hand
    and head along with you,
    You wanted me to witness
    the shade of the moon,
    reflecting a guzzle of scars,
    My eyes twinkled as I envisaged
    our little moments,
    in the midst of each other,
    touching the moon with our eyelids, together.

    As we walked with little steps, on the way to the seashore, I remember you blabbering about the serene blanket of the moonshine covering the calm ocean like an eye lidding droplets, like a wing lidding flight, and like Cupid lidding an arrow and a bow.

    You and me, rested our feet, in the sand, and admired the darkened peace pervading the airs.
    I saw those eyes of yours, peering at the moon, with chastity, evincing a desire to be touched, to be caressed, those beautiful lips hummed bout the beauty of the glittering ocean and the light falling over the droplets that clung to the ocean like leaves clinging to a wise old tree.

    My heart twitched and winced within the dark walls of the rib cage. For some junctures, it wanted to be your moon. Your only love. It wanted to have an affair with those eyes and stroke those lips. It wanted to drown in the ocean and drench in the cravings your heart nurtured. Scrutinizing your eyelids, I gave out and a soft smile. I remember that left you, awestruck. You touched my wrist and your bracelet came in contact with my skin. I remember the colour of your cheeks, high as wine, beautiful as the low of moonlight. You whispered "What are you looking at."
    I smiled.
    Then I said "nothing.. Nothing it is."
    The colour of those fleecy cheeks dwindled away. The starry eyes moaned a doleful cry. And that made me smile a bit more. Coz now I knew, you wanted that too.

    I looked at you as my fingers softly traced the silver of your bracelet. Those eyelids rested themselves on the silver linings of the moonlight, the fireflies hummed and sprinkled an enchanting aroma all over the sands. Hush ness tainted our soft breaths.
    The surface of the ocean reflected a zillion fairy tales coming true. The seeping moonlight made love to the dew. My heart let out a deep breath as the cold breeze brushed beads of your hair and the purple danglers made a whining sound as you plugged a Brunette thread behind your ear.
    It was gruelling to see the enchantress lay her eyes on the disdain tainted moon, All the while I stroked her bracelet.
    My heart throbbed harder as I reached for your fingers. Entwining the silk laden hand with mine, I looked into your eyes as you looked in mine.

    I whispered "If I dare to be the full moon and adorn your bruises with pride for as little as a lifetime,

    Will you be my moonlight? ".

    I remember the smile that shone like the silver of the bracelet, the silver of the moonlight.

    The bracelet stains the corner of the window, and the moonlight peeps in and smiles at me, whispering love in my ears, every night.


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    "The Dripping Silvers"

    I remember your last words.

    "I'll be your moonlight, and you my paradise.
    I'll be in the heart as silver, and in the eyes as the glittering light.
    I'll stay forever, just remember to look up,
    And my moon in your sky,
    Shall prolong to shine. "

    The tears on the window pane, are strangely the remnants of the silver of your grave.

    You'll be my moonlight.
    You'll be my moonlight.