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    Its my birthday today. I basically tried to summarize myself. Lol. Happy birthday to me (Jan 31,2018)
    #birthday #mirakee #happyme

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    Na 31 Jan...na why

    Head strutted high,
    Legs in a catwalk action- even on slippers,
    An eminence of confidence cutting borders,
    Made from sprayed crumbs of foolishness- embalmed on awash mistakes,
    Into a rocky stratum of class and poise for the high stakes,
    Her silence is fable,
    Her loudness is never stable,
    She's an untainted work of art,
    An ambitious moving cart,
    Being driven to win the prize,
    That fits her size,

    Her lips are themed with an oil of appeal,
    An air of aloof pride
    The girl sef na sophistication.