• ce_llaaa 6w

    AKUA-At Eighteenth

    There was a search for her to fill
    The void inside hearts
    There came a rumbling in the tunnel
    At the end of the tunnel
    There was this pain so shrill
    Roaring at every being of Her
    With a strength out of order
    A call greeted ears from among the fitters as Queen effecting smiles
    At Eighteenth she emerges as a curvy creation
    A woman that spreads wide the wings of her house to many
    Many like to see her flap her lashes
    And hear that silky voice that relieves the heated
    She's the sunshine that erupts to the rumbling skied about to cry
    A brush that gives a plain sheet an appreciated painting
    At your Eighteenth I pray for the Spirit
    To breathe on every dead piece of yours to come alive
    I love you
    _Happy Birthday