• nandhini_gupta 5w

    Do you also go through such times where you are at your lowest points?
    When everything seems so blurry ,
    When every appreciation feels like mere words,
    When you want to chin up but still couldn't,
    When your self complexes overpower your mind,
    When you don't exactly know what you really want,
    When everything people say sounds annoying,
    When even the magic words of that fictional mirror can't do any wonders.
    I definitely get such vibes at times but thankfully they are temporary and fragile.

    PS: (why is red so red, why am I so dead?) Jk

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    "Mirror, mirror on the wall,
    Who is the best out of all?"
    I whispered softly.

    "You" said the mirror.

    I wondered for a while but denied at last,
    Once again my self doubt won over my faith.