• pachiichan 9w

    One, Two, Three
    In my head, and my hands wandered to yours
    Cold yet so soft, strong yet so vulnerable
    Your palms are sweaty yet it fired up my soul
    I lift a pinky on my left and stared into your blue eyes
    I wonder what happened to those big brown eyes

    Four, Five, Six
    As I counted again
    We heard thunder claps and we rushed outside
    Excited and terrified, like kittens we are
    Waited for the first drop then another
    Until we lost count

    Seven, Eight, Nine
    Was the last one I could count
    We danced around with nothing but our colors red and blue
    One step to the left and two to the right
    'til both of us get tired; we just couldn't get it right

    The sky cleared but the rain kept pouring
    I counted to Ten
    And realized that you left without me