• lea7yjosh 24w


    This is an untold story.
    A tale of an unsung hero,
    Who was suppressed
    Because of an anti-hero.

    He was the one who unlocked
    The vast horizons of knowledge for me.
    Through whom all those
    Alphabets took birth.

    Yes. We were in love.
    He, a lover who accepted my mistakes.
    My love, who gave me chances
    To efface all my faults.

    He waited for me,
    As I corrected my solecisms.
    And I grew up, becoming capable
    To express with lesser blunders.

    Then we thought its our time-
    The right time to have a new life.
    A life devoid of inaccuracy,
    A life where they are mere visitors.

    But there came our villain-
    Replacing my beloved suddenly
    (In another sense they asked me to do so)
    Now he is in my life-
    Reminding of my errors often.

    All around called him powerful
    More so than the sword,
    Who can bring changes.
    But for me he is a man of refusal,
    Who denied me chances to rectify.

    No, I can't say so.
    He gave me opportunities to put right,
    But not to erase.
    He always kept perks of my faux pas.

    My new partner is a warning.
    A man who warned me that,
    I am grown up and now
    My mistakes are indelible.

    He told me a fact that
    Now I can only cut my errors
    With marks of bloomers left-
    A permanent flaw.

    Yes. I can accept this transformation-
    From pencil to pen.
    But I am not ready to hide
    My love for my old friend.

    And to be frank and straight
    I have no feelings for this world,
    Which has taken my chances to obliterate
    And measures my wisdom
    By count of my imperfections.