• unwise 50w

    This world has left me confused

    This world has left me confused. Asked me to learn so many things and then unlearn in accordance with its convenience.
    They told me the norms and rules and laws and what not. And they they were the ones not following any of it.
    They said be nice. And then said nobody likes nice people.
    They told me to study and said that a good collage and degree is everything. But I see the biggest, richest and the most famous people are drop outs.
    They asked me to grow up and act like and adult with manners and grace and then they followed bohemian fashion and demanded some swag. When being polite was taught in school in moral science, in college the coolest kids were the ones who swear.. drinking and smoking are bad habits but half the world is advocating social drinking and articles say wine is good for health. The ideals of a good life, future and success are constantly changing. And I am too. This world has left me confused. So now that I'm big enough to decide my rights and wrongs,I'm studying it once again. From the very beginning.