• ryanc85 10w

    My love to you

    The feel of your hand in mine with out fingers intertwined
    The look you give me at that special passing moment in time
    As we sit together having a glass of wine
    Deep in conversation the hours seem to fly by
    I just can't get enough of my time with you
    Every minute is cherrished though and though
    Watching you read your book with your legs on my knees
    It's the small gests of affection like these
    That put me at ease
    You know what U mean to me
    I hope that I'm everything U want me to be
    So if U love me back the way I love you
    I'll be by your side even when the sky isnt so blue
    You can cry on my shoulder if U so chose
    Ill never push you away because I always want to be here for you.