• hazeldikinamgyal18 6w


    I know you are long gone now . But since you were asking me how I broke myself and how did I become like this . Let me tell you something... I won't put the blame on you or anything because it was not even your fault , it was actually MINE .
    I know you probably don't feel anything about me . You said right on my face that you don't have FEELINGS for me when you knew I am in love with you all this day .
    I know things aren't going well on your life but all this time you knew I was and is still in love with you. Why did you destroy me ? Why ?
    When all the time my intention was just to love you and give you all the happiness and prosperity in life . But all I got was betrayal from you . I shattered the time when you told me you are not in love with me and you are in love with your ex . When even I tried convincing you the whole time , that you deserve someone better . You deserve ME but you went with someone else . Now I don't even know what's going on my life . I don't even feel sad and I'm not even feeling anything at all because I know people have a habit of replacing me with someone new .
    I so wanna give up but I just can't. . . .
    And now when I'm tryna text you and everything , you are just ignoring me .
    What about the times when we were all happy and calm when we knew all this time we have problems in our life and still we were happy with each other .
    I don't know what hurts the most is it not being you or is it missing you the way you were with me back then . . . ?