• arushi49 10w

    My Non Judgemental Diary

    I love discussions. You may be wrong and by communicating you view things differently.
    But discussions or any kind of expression comes with a drawback and that is being judged.
    Sometimes I just want someone to hear me.
    I want to empty all the mess I have created in my brain without being interrupted , without people offering me advice what to do or not and lastly without them ignoring me.
    The trash in the brain has to be emptied otherwise with time it eats you up.

    And trust me it eats you up badly.

    I have lovely people around me still I have no one to listen.
    That's why I started writing diary.
    To empty my brain and heart.
    And diary listens without judging you.
    It happens with most of us. Mental health is must remember that. Don't let things eat you up. Don't wait for someone to help you.

    Help yourself and write your diary but guard it ...you won't like someone to get hands on it