• samuelsanthoshkumar 6w

    I fall hold your feet and cry sorry ...

    My past fate caused stupidity and that stupidity stole my joy ..
    In a million dreams you were the only one who came true..the love i held for you ,pulled me through from what I was to what I grew , but all this was messed up by me my fate my pain ...

    The whole story is long and you know ,,the real face never planed wrong ,never dreamt to even think of hurting you ,,he never knew he hurt you till he felt your smile fade and your tears flowed

    To you your tears ,its tears ,to me it's blood ,I'm holding the guilt of a murderer the pain of a beast loosing his whole in a beauty of a eye that held him evry time he almost died ,

    I Never dreamt what it was like without you , but that movement i felt you left me hopeless , in pain in my own guilt and chains left with one weak guy in me to hold the biggest pain i have ever faced .love hit me hard ,life slapen my heart , hope just fell and killed him self,dead hope fate did his work and hit me in my heart dark and broke ..

    All i could see was pain but still I wanted to stand even after you left ,coz I promised i won't let loose the grip of what I survive for ,

    the biggest punishment ever was when my heart made it clear "that your gone ,bye
    This bye meant more , and just tore
    Me to million ununderstandable pieces

    I fall hold your feet and cry sorry ...