• purpllehaze 9w

    Do you see your reflection?

    What do you see when you look at me?
    Do you see your lost years or do you see opportunities?
    Often have i asked, why did you hold back the warmth that i should have been offered?
    Did you not know how to, or was it what you experienced for most?
    I know i didn't have to share or divide but, were you the one who always sacrificed?
    Do you see that my independence means i have wandered too far
    Or do you see it as something you hoped you had.
    Are all my travels and adventures a kind of reflection, of a life you would never have
    Do you look back in resentment of all the things you could have had.
    Scaling through life, over a stove and and a clean house
    Now crossed your prime, do you ask yourself what did your life mean all this while.
    Upbringing of your first was indeed a task, a role you never were trained on
    Movies and Dr Spocks could only give as much
    But the nitty gritties of the shadows wasn't spelled out.
    With the second, you try to undo with a little more love and care
    Only later to realise a smothering grasp to your despair.
    As you sit alone with all the aches and pains, which age now shares
    Would you still choose to do it all again, for a child to bear?
    This time would career or family take first place
    Dried are those tears of all the disappointing heartaches.
    Life has a way of understanding all
    But its time for you to know, that its not too late to catch the fall.
    She still waits for that warmth
    A nod to understanding the unheard call
    Help her in her voyage to find
    The never ending search of a human connection to bind.