• hanniverses 4w


    If the Idyll only exist in dreams,
    then we must mould our reality
    from the mud of despondency
    handed down to us from our fathers

    You do not owe them docile activism
    They owe you from a century of neglect
    Burn with the crucibles of genuine patriotism
    Only cowards live forever in regret

    Glow with the flame they tried to smoulder all this while
    Your silence is no longer golden, if privation is all you have
    Neither is your slumber rosy, if innocent souls die
    Countlessly without justice, and all you do is sigh !

    You are the millennials that brought tyranny to its knees
    Ignite the keypads of your resilient souls, let it burn !
    Remain defiant in costly victory or defeat
    Let your voices turn to pelting rains that trickle in the sun
    Be the tiger, even under bombardment, stay on your feet !

    Burn, with the energy of the sun
    Break the chains we have been in so long
    Saddle your spirits with breakthrough songs
    They were heard in drums, sing yours in MP4
    For It will never remain the same when you are done !

    But glow with the incense of fulfilment
    Be the pride of those who crossed the toll gate of life
    Resolutely, choosing the path to greatness
    They bled, wrapped in your flags, as they depart in their prime.

    Never rest till your spirits haunt their mind to madness
    Their souls, to oblivion
    Roam every roadblocks and every ghostly regions
    Hoist the flags of renaissance in tandem

    Despite visiting death on you at dusk
    With your young lives,
    You have bought for us a new dawn
    By dancing to the cracking sounds of bullets from the barrels of despots
    Forever soar into eternity
    Heroes, for you burn our skylight, with chants of freedom
    Escaping your lips as you lay dying, muttering.. "Peace and Unity !"


    In memory of the heroes of the Lekki Tollgate Massacre and all who lost their lives in the struggles to end police brutality, end bad governance and bring equality and justice to Nigeria.