• breanna_roberts 6w

    This is my first poem 😇🙏🏾
    Comment if you like blue 💙
    #blue #blueispretty #bluebird #blue

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    Blue is my favorite colour

    The ocean is blue which is the reflection of the sky
    I thought I liked pie until I tasted a blueberry pie, sad to say I think I’ll only stick to the color.
    Blue is beautiful,
    it’s bright and colorful, it has different tones and different hues.
    Sometimes blue makes me cry, with all these tears feeling hungry and dry, but never again will I try that blueberry pie.
    Though blue’s reputation is bad
    Not all of them are sad.
    If I were to be a hue of blue I think I’d be baby blue.
    Even with all this commotion and bad perception, nothing will change my mind about this beautiful color.