• heenaaa 5w


    You came like a 'once in a lifetime' love
    When the only thing I knew was the changing seasons and nothing permanent
    Yes you are my last love which is meant to last

    You are the milky way to my galaxy,
    The Only Sun to my solar system.
    You proved to be the moon to my nights,
    When I was all lost in gazing millions of stars.
    You are my sun my moon my star...

    You are the shore of my island I needed
    when I was all lost in deep blue seas,
    You are the peak to my mountains
    you made visible the world clearer from up above
    You are my depth my heights so far...

    You are my last
    You are the one
    You are the only
    You are the one who lasts forever
    You are my only anti scar...

    People come and go
    You came to stay
    Healed my broken soul
    Like it's the only aim in your way

    You stood up like a warrior, my greatest one
    They all talk about first love but some times it is the last who needs the talking
    Yes you are my last love

    You are...
    My poetic complilations
    My fireflie fighting my demons
    My peaceful nights
    And my hopeful rise
    My warmest hug
    My wildest kiss
    My shooting star that held my heart
    You are the reason that makes me believe in magic
    Like there's a secret fairy god mother in my life, who has swang her magic wand and made me the look the most beautiful women in your eyes
    And the only break to this magic will be your last breath


    You are my sun my moon my star
    You are my deapth my heights so far
    You are my only anti scar...!