• kshailja 35w


    It was not suppose to happen like this.
    But it came, when I was least expecting it.
    Whole my life since now, I kept assuring myself that I will not fall for it.
    But yay! I fell in the trap called 'LOVE".
    And now when I actually feel it, I have come to know that if it's the best feeling in the world, it's also the worst.
    If it has power to build you up, then it also has the power to destroy you.
    With the passing days, I am falling deep down in this feeling.
    The feeling which I can't describe in words.
    It's like, whenever "HE" is not near me, I feel a tug in my heart.
    Whenever "HE" comes close to me, like just a breath away, I feel the butterflies in my stomach.
    Ya! The butterflies, I really feel them now.
    Whenever "HE" doesn't listen to me, I feel my heart breaking.
    Whenever "HE" looks at me, like I am the only one for him, I just want to hug Him tightly and never let him go.
    Whenever "HE" cooks for me, I feel like I am the luckiest girl in the world.
    Whenever "HE" pampers me, I want to become more childish just to get more attention from him.
    Whenever "HE" kisses me, I feel the goosebumps all over my body.
    "HE" came in my life as a friend, became my best friend and now my Life line.
    I irritate him, tease him, may be make him jealous too, but "HE" doesn't say anything.
    All he want from me is "My Love".
    And all I want from him is "His Love".
    If this feeling of giddiness, butterflies, goosebumps, attention seeking, caring, is called "Love" then yup! Finally I Am In Love....