• sammiey119_sarah_p 23w

    Regret Made Me Better

    You know
    I beat myself up
    About not telling you
    Not reacting the way I wanted to
    Feigning ignorance
    Pretending to be aloof
    Even when I'm not
    If you're upset at me
    That alright
    I don't blame you
    I blame me
    That's why I'm starting over
    Rising confidence levels
    Straightening posture
    Smiling more
    Looking nicer and more presentable
    Talking more
    Communicating better
    Socializing easier
    Being friends with everyone
    Being a better me
    All in order to help achieve
    My goal
    To be able to befriend you
    Tell you how I feel
    And help you love me when you're ready to
    And until we meet again
    Just hold on