• mashmie 49w


    I cannot spell nor read or write to express my sorrow in a page
    But I can weep and soak my book to portray the intensity of my pain
    What pains me? I ask myself
    I have my regular meals just like you
    I go to school just like you
    I'm privileged with toys just like you.
    but guess what, I have more siblings than you can imagine.

    A mother's love, phew! You think thats what I crave?
    I got loads of nannies to roll me in place
    A mother's love, Phew! You think thats what I crave?
    Its better she is dead than sorry
    A mother's love, phew! You think thats what I crave?
    Yes, Yes , Yes and a million Yes

    I want to wake in to her angelic smile
    I want to be cuddled inside her arms and feel the softness of her charms.
    I want a peck on my forehead,
    A warm kiss you call it

    Look at you,snapping at your moms remarks
    Look at you, yelling at her because your friends turned you away
    Look at you, spitting words at the hands that fed you

    How dare you,take her for granted when she is all I wanted
    How dare you, stick your tongue out at the one who prayed that you speak
    How dare you, point your finger at my only prayer!!

    "Orfun", that's what they call me.