• jiddah_ahmed 5w

    Do you see or do you just see, a skirt too short or a dress too tight?
    Do you see or do you just see, a smile too bright or a hijab with a yes?
    Because I see more
    I see monsters with a mask
    Hungry for pain,fear and blood
    Searching for the next play thing
    With only care for what you have between your legs
    they find rhyme in your screams as your cries becomes music to their ears
    Your pleads their strength
    Your struggles their pleasure
    They pain a sign of victory
    Were you become a role player in their play
    they leave with 'Shhhh don't say'
    Later, they seat behind keyboards and say 'dont rape'

    If The skirt is too short or the dress is too tight
    If The smile is bright or the hijab says yes
    What of the toddler who can't even say mum?

    Don't call those beast men because men don't rape
    Enough is enough
    But a hashtag is not enough
    A protest is not enough
    We need to ask ourselves this
    'How can we stop rape?'