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    : An originally Persian/Arabic poetic format introduced in 1859, from Arabic (rubā'); meaning 'by fours', 'composed of four elements': a quatrain.
    Poetic rules of an interlocking Rubaiyat:
    This poem, 'Paper Kite' is composed of quatrains following an 'aaba' rhyme pattern. Each successive quatrain in stanza then uses the single, unrhymed line as the primary rhyme for that stanza. Each line is traditionally of tetrameter or pentameter in beat (?); in other terms... arranged in 8 or 10 syllable counts each.
    'Paper Kite' rhyme scheme:
    Stanza 1) aaba : 10 syllables
    Stanza 2) bbcb : 10 syllables
    Stanza 3) ccdc : 10 syllables

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    'Paper Kite'

    Made by tendered hands with papers and sticks
    folds and creased in crisscrosses and a wish.
    Dreams soon to fly floating up above Earth
    assumed as the wings; as had, Daedalus.

    A simple kite; to some, had proved their worth
    takes patience and a certain care, to work.
    Shown years ago that this and that will do
    to a gaze tautly strung with wistful mirth.

    These moments become memories anew
    flown through airs of clouds and sapphire blue.
    To eyes wide and raised to the heavens splayed
    blessed Father's son: a paper kite, life's glue.

    ~ an EWK Interlocking Rubaiyat Poe'em ©ericwk