• machoboy 6w

    For every better view around you there should be best outlook within you otherwise you cannot see the beauty around yourself. In other words, to know someone's good you need to evaluate him/her through your own goodness.

    Don't let your bad side influence your mind and harm someone through your words because thinking didn't hurt but words do. So before misinterpreting well-being of someone's you should understand the pertinent and irrelevant.

    We keep on searching for the good things around us but till we would not accept the recognition of virtues that has surround us we cannot find the goodness.

    If you have ever seen someone's immenseness, you should accept it because if you don't, It might possible that you will lose it forever. Then blaming your fate would be not right because it's you who didn't value the wellness.

    So, i request you all to try to see the good of someone before seeing evil in them.Which will help to grace this world and make everyone's life better. Only when you always try to see good before evil.

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    Good vibes

    Your thoughts should
    not be prejudiced so that
    you can see the undivided world.
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