• heartrate 10w

    Bottle in ocean

    I am an empty bottle
    Thrown after use
    Pick by trash collector
    Recycled me
    Tag new brand
    I am a bottle
    I come across many people
    With different faces
    Kind to greedy,
    Alchohol was magnetic to few
    I am a bottle empty bottle
    Now, i am in the middle of ocean floating with the wave
    Carrying message for the generations
    Message within me have photographed, letters and little more things
    A love note to lover
    I am a bottle floating around
    Going where sea waves takes me
    I have swim with dolphins and many others!
    Sometimes i get octopus's hug
    Sometime algae twist at my neck
    I am a bottle old discard
    I live beneath the sea
    Ocean floor where nobody sees
    Deep down dark
    Where no one sees
    I am a bottle silent in dark !
    Waiting for someone to read what i have !!