• unmona_dawor 9w


    Lies all I see.
    Its been ages since the last dew drop, millenias since the last cherry blossoms and time immemorial since the last maple leaves dropped on my feet.
    Nothing has changed,
    Neither have the people.
    Yet there is something that makes me stay,
    Sit down and contemplate,
    Remember the last drop of dew, the last maple leaf, the last of the cherry blossoms, and smile.
    Smile at the irony of nature, so beautiful yet so dull.
    And laugh at times at my own misery,
    'Shehzada',in dreams.
    When awake, all I have are the vague remembrances,
    Of the days of 'glory',
    As I carry my bag and walk down the tiled corridor,
    So familiar yet unknown,
    While I dream of the dew drop,the maple leaf and.....
    The days that have passed and the ones about to come.
    Just as the dew drops,
    Welling up emotions and evaporating,into the vast unknown.
    Never to be found.