• lucidious_lucifer 5w

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    Voices in my head

    Today I m having some vibes,
    I m having some thoughts,

    I have some voices in my head,
    But what they say I don't get,

    I started writing raps when I used to miss u lot,
    But ended up rapping about u when we always fought,
    Voices in my head never letting me be lucid,
    Now they are being quiet loud just excuse it,
    I don't know it's kind of parasite that's crawling in my head,
    It's in me but I don't control it that I don't get,
    "You lied once never trust her again" it says to me,
    But how can I not trust u cuz u r the only one to love me,
    Mama says "rapping is not a Carrier do something that's real",
    Voices in my head say "she doesn't know how much rapping is real",
    Wanna ride with u in a racing fast Duke,
    But it's something that real that I can never do ,
    The voice says to leave everything behind and run away,
    But can't do it cuz from u can't stay away,

    I have such a love with this beat,
    Some how feel like this songs gonna be a super hit,

    I just wanna spend my entire life with u,
    But don't know if I could ever do it with u,
    These voices just shout to replace u,
    But how much I love u, u don't have a fucking clue,
    All of my exs were in my head but u r in my heart,
    I feel like hitting a kamehameha to the guys u flirt,
    Feel like I m burning with those fire of rage,
    Cuz these voices have trapped me in a cage,
    I want u to be my Mary Jane in love,
    And I be ur Peter Parker in Love,
    But I m like Eddie Brock,
    And these voices are just like a venom lost,
    I m having a Carnage in my head,
    Can't u change for me why don't you get,
    Why u wanna show attitude now,
    Cuz these voices can't bear ur attitude now,
    You may think I m such a gentleman,
    But this voice makes me a cannibal,
    These voices need some fuel,
    Looking at these long joint it feels so cool,
    Pls help me cuz this parasite is now killing me,
    These voices just want to take life out of me,
    Usually I don't rap in such kind of a beat,
    But this beat trips me on and makes my lyrics fit,
    U talk to ur frnds as if they are ur fucking brothers,
    But u stick with them as if they are just ur crushes some others,
    My life sucks cuz I feel so much pain,
    But finally these voices let me stay alive through these pain,
    If u see this lyrics some where u may just comment something I don't like,
    But don't do it cuz these voices are always ready to fight,

    I love u a lot,
    But these voices don't love u, have u got,