• sharpie 5w


    Don't forget
    The pant of breath that leaves my lips
    At the end of a long trek
    From here to there
    From there to where?
    I forget.

    Don't forget
    The constant beep of my alarm
    In mornings of mist and cold
    Wake up, wake up,
    To face a day for what?
    I forget.

    Don't forget
    The desperate plea I leave for you
    Every night when we pretend
    We never made those brilliant
    Plans, plans so grand for who?
    I forget.

    Don't forget
    The last lingering thought in my mind
    As the storm begins and rips
    Me apart and slowly pieces
    Me back together, but why?
    I forget.

    don't forget the storm
    don't forget the wind
    don't forget her name
    don't forget yours
    whatever it takes
    Julien, do not forget.