• ishaghosh22 10w

    A Night's contemplation
    - Isha ghosh

    It's 2.55 .
    Darkness prevailing all over my mind.
    And so much conflict -
    Should I back off or fight for it..

    Then I got it straight and realised..
    Oh! i don't get to choose otherwise.
    Being myself is really really helpless.
    I just can't shed off my 22 years regardless!

    And even if I give it a chance..
    is it worthy? For instance...

    No no..shut up ! You gonna beg for this?
    Who are you, an old fatty bitch who is not wanted but still thrives to exist?

    Back off! This was not your dream.
    You wanted it smooth,with love and smile around .
    But life sucks. so is ur self-esteem.
    It's time to land on this mundane cruel world

    Don't overthink those good faces...those hearty embraces ...
    those were just illusions
    now fading away as the sun rises.

    Every journey has to end
    And so it is..
    YES! it was the SWEETEST
    But the memories would suffice.

    My mind is freed.
    It's better to end when it's beautiful
    And in its prime.

    I loved you.
    I lost you.
    But I got the best of you.