• anathreek_jey 51w


    Neither the moon nor I is accompanied,
    All alone till dawn.
    Stars are surrounded to it,But none to give a hand.
    So as I'm.
    Stars twinkle independently.
    The Moon is lived with the light of the sun, cause it needs some love and support.
    All alone in the mid sky of the night.
    It brings happiness in lover's eyes.
    Without ego the moon gives smile on the charming face, but the stars are gloomed brightly only in the absence of moon.
    The moon did that on the time of no moon day for the joy of the stars.
    Stars did none in return and the moon did expect none.
    It strives day by day to attain it's originality.
    The nature didn't permit it to stay in full form for permanent.
    Life can be learnt through the life of the moon.
    All stamps us and makes not to step forward.
    None loves us but they are present like stars.
    Does their duty and succeed.
    We'll be struggling till out last breadth with our darling solitude.