• willow923 50w

    Artwork by surrealist artist @mr.babies on Instagram who allowed me to use their works.
    Title- Fiends of greed
    Fiend- another word for evil spirit/demon.
    And just because the picture is of a darker skinned man this has nothing to do with color of skin, but the one behind sin. Satan. As this man looks like a politician so had to use it. As sad truth 99.9 percent have currupted our gvt as our gvts are not ran by the people you think but by the elite 1 percent, the illuminatti, rothchild family that owns half the poor world's economy literally half the economy and the Rockefeller family to name two huge families that rule your planet along with select few others and their families.the bilderberg society, the skull and bones society to name a few

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    Ninety-nine point nine percent of politicians have a demon behind every mask; fiends of
    curruption, greed, flow of cash.

    © Brandon nagley
    © Lonesome poet's poetry
    ©Art by mr.babies