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    What a fool

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    Intense Impasse

    an eternal standoff
    heated heads falling in
    and out of masks
    everything was wrong
    a million sparks flying
    upside down
    a fire sneering at me
    whenever you look up
    a lovely stance-
    red hot knuckles
    gripping tightly
    onto sanity
    on a whim
    i placed my hand on yours
    twist it in a lock
    in the heat of the moment
    i licked the flame
    dancing on your fingertips
    once, twice,
    and let it wash
    over my armor of desire
    let it burn
    let it melt away
    my skin, my bones, my soul
    one by one
    leaving my heart bare
    you ignited it
    and i was losing
    and nothing was right
    and i loved it