• dethdroogie 24w

    She Rides

    It’s not easy giving up life.
    The power it holds, the essence of creation within.
    Men crave to hold power over it.
    Now, the forces of darkness run rampant over it.
    Yet, there she stood.
    Everyone seeing the pain in her eyes but the determination on her face, allowed no one into her grief.
    The city of light lay ahead in the distance, the sun setting behind its beautiful towers.
    The amazing city now loomed in a cloud of darkness, the only light escaping where rays of the sun that drowned in its presence.
    She remembered the life that she brought to that city, and the three sons she bore from within those walls.
    Now they stood at her side, ready for battle.
    They could see, that soon the moon would hover over, and darkness will roam over the land.
    She trotted past the ranks of men, the stallion under her heels inspired awe, all kneeling in her presence.
    The men huddled around the fires, drinking in somber celebration of the death that permeated the air.
    Past those who watch,
    Past those that guard,
    Past those hidden in fear,
    Breaking from all of us she sprinted down to meet the war.
    Our horror and fear being realized, stabbed in pride. we picked up our steel and followed.
    Never understanding, the path she walks, is all her own.
    She rides alone in the darkness and all we can hope to do is to catch up.
    Here we are, ready to fight and ready to die.
    In the distance, the last ray of sun glistening against her.
    She rides.