• dating_a_poet 24w

    If anyone gave you this letter.. how would you have reacted?? #letter #loyal #true #feelings #propose #favouriteperson #friends?

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    Hmm... so finally the tables gonna turn today, completely.. I don't know what to say exactly.. but it is damn important for me to let u know that I like u.. yes.. this may be awkward but at the end of the day it's the only truth... if u will trust me, I never said this to anyone before.. I think u are cute and a pure soul.. you may take ur time .. I don't mind but yes it's true that ur heart would be safe with me..I also know that u may not have enough time for me but trust me ten minutes a day is all I need accompanied by ur loyalty..I promise I won't be a distraction for u ever.. instead we gonna work together making things easier and hitting the targets together.. Actually I m childish at heart.. didn't know how to tell u nd find writing it easier.. May be this is getting way too serious than we are used to...I m ready to hear u patiently.. I would appreciate if u bother to tell...