• ispeakthroughwords 23w

    Foolish Kindness

    She waited, and sighed.
    And then, again startled by the,
    Rushed crowds,
    Who don't spare a moment, for another,
    In their fixed time cycle,
    She smiled, and streched out her hand.
    She was holding a bunch of red roses,
    Which she had in her 'garden' , a much fancy term.
    As she walked, along the traces left by the busy vehicles,
    She stretched her hand, to give one of those roses.
    Some of the skeptic minds, would question,
    "Why are you giving this to me?"
    She would only reply with a smile.
    We are living in a world full of questions, when the answer is just next to us,
    We question the very obvious.
    She didn't ask for money,
    But people find it skeptical to receive even a flower for free,
    And yet we are ready to invest, a fortune, in lavishness, decorations of flowers.
    But she is such a foolish girl!
    She sits, in the corner of the road every day,
    And as the cars pass by,
    They throw these roses in that same corner,
    With no guilt whatsoever,
    But with too much suspicions.
    But she smiles, and keeps tending to her roses,
    And comes back again, in the same corner.